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May 2017
May 11 2017 08:11
I hope getredash/redash#1434 is merged and cron string is supported, but will it not be merged?
Is not it merging because of the lack of testing?
Arik Fraimovich
May 11 2017 11:22
@easton042 did you put your mongodb connection string as the value for DATABASE_URL (or REDASH_DATABASE_URL) environment variable?
@shevron it's quite an old version :\ you will probably need to either figure out what migrations are failing and why or maybe migrate your data into a new instance using the API.
@nagamasage it's not only the missing tests, I think there were some other issues there as well.
Shahar Evron
May 11 2017 12:38
@arikfr is there some example somewhere of such data migration? I really don't mind setting up from scratch but I need my queries migrated
sunil kumar
May 11 2017 17:10
I am having the navigation issues on redash 1.0.3
I have upgraded fom redash 0.12 to 1.0.3 and Before I used to see the dashboard list when i click on dashboard. Now I have to click on Dashboard , then I am able to see the list under the dashboard, So now its a two step process
Any help please...
sunil kumar
May 11 2017 17:16
In the Redash UI