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May 2017
Arik Fraimovich
May 14 2017 06:25
@shevron the closest example I have is this script: But it only exports the query text (SQL). You can check your network tab to see how the API request to create a query looks like.
@easton042 the environment variable is for Redash's metadata database, which has to be a postgres database. You add your datasources (like the mongodb one) from the UI.
@achshar if you're still logged in, you can click on the reset password button in the UI -- if you don't have a mail server setup, it will just show you the link in the UI. if you're not logged in, then you can use the CLI.
@vytla102_twitter the full list of dashboards is in the dashboards page now, and the dropdown shows only the recent dashboards you used. it wasn't sustainable to keep showing the full list in the dropdown, as some users just have too many dashboards.
Punita Ojha
May 14 2017 07:15
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Ido Leibovich
May 14 2017 18:33
Any idea on getredash/redash#1743
All of my queries are stuck in queue, so I can't start new ones, and also can't cancel the running ones