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Jun 2017
Jun 01 2017 19:11

@arikfr I tried following the heroku instructions here - but kept getting this whenever i tried to scale the dynos

VISION:redash-1.0.3 arturs$ heroku ps:scale worker=1
Scaling dynos... !
 ▸    Couldn't find that process type.

I figured i needed to add a procfile to the root directory so I did. And now what's inside the procfile is this (based on your answer here - getredash/redash#1573)

web:python runserver
web: gunicorn -b$PORT -w4 redash.wsgi:app
heroku ps:scale web=1

I managed to get to the setup admin user page, and now am able to get to the login page but whenever i log in I get an "Internal Server Error". Do you have any suggestions for what I should do. This is what's being shown in my heroku log.

Jun 01 2017 19:16
does anyone know how the columns are ordered in pivot table? is there a way to control this see example now , i.e. it does not maintain the order of the columns from the query...