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Jun 2017
Amar Ramachandran
Jun 07 2017 00:11
Hi @arikfr, I'm using Redash v0.11.0 on Docker, but I want to upgrade to v1.0.3. The upgrade script doesn't seem to work on Docker. It looks like the sql schemas have been updated so I can't just use the latest image. What's the best way to do this migration?
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 07 2017 06:08
@ArtursO due to high work load , the roadmap Trello became out of sync with reality :( I do have a task on my list to sync it and revive it.
@modqhx if you used the bootstrap script, I believe they should start on their own. they haven't?
@aftabansari39_twitter what version are you using?
@AmarJayR you will need to manually upgrade by updating the docker image and applying the images. note that you will need to apply manually migrations from 0.12 and then run the automatic db migrate for newer migrations.
Amar Ramachandran
Jun 07 2017 16:34
@arikfr Thanks for the help. Upgrading the docker image to v0.12 isn't an issue. Do I just need to check the diffs for the sql schemas or do I need to migrate other parts as well (ie. file system)? Will the migration script work on Docker after v0.12, because I know you mentioned the script wasn't designed for Docker.
Jun 07 2017 21:17
@arikfr They do start affter installing. But I had to restart the system for some other issue. Now i need to start the whole process/workers. How do I do that?