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Jun 2017
Jay Goluguri
Jun 16 2017 16:39

Hello I'm running redash 1.0.3+b2850 to create dashboard against MySQL 5.7.

When I run a query with a temp table -- it says "No Data was returned"
Query is :

(SELECT Subscriber SSN,
COUNT(DISTINCT Member SSN) AS Family size
FROM claims_data
GROUP BY Subscriber SSN);

FROM temp_oop;

Screen shot of error is :

I see that redash can support multiple queries (e.g., )

And I am able to run the same multiple query from MySQL Workbench so the queries are correct.

Any guidance on what might be doing wrong when I run it through redash?


sunil kumar
Jun 16 2017 17:21
hello, I am running a redash server in AWS and the server is behind ELB and I have attached the SSL certficate to ELB and i have placed the ELB DNS in route 53 to my new domain, so when i click my domain name, It is not redirecting to https, could you please help me in this...? I have the certificate zip file though... could you guys please suggest...?