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Jun 2017
Jun 23 2017 01:40
Has anyone else encountered needing to "Empty Cache and Hard Reload" pages in Chrome in order for development changes to take effect? When I started developing I did not need to do this, and now I do. I'm curious if I can change a setting somewhere to avoid having to do this.
Jay Goluguri
Jun 23 2017 12:02
@arikfr Thanks for the response. That's weird how does it work in the demo
@arikfr demo/example - do you use a different driver than the one in the community edition. Trying to understand why it works in example and not in my install. Thanks again
Jun 23 2017 20:10
Question #2: re: adding a data source. I'm getting a field that will not save it's value no matter what I do. Has anyone experienced this before?