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Jul 2017
Sandeep Sreenath
Jul 05 2017 11:52
Is "Query Results" as a Data Source available in self hosted version of redash yet?
I am using v 1.0.3+b2850 and I don't see it in the data source type in add new data source page
Jul 05 2017 19:00
hi everyone, I'm deploying redash using a slightly modified version of the official container, and I'm having trouble running queries - the workers are running and logging that they are running the regular maintenance tasks, and I see celery data in redis - but I don't see the specific job ID for the query in the redis store, and the workers don't log that they are doing anything
anyone have any troubleshooting tips? I'm not seeing anything obviously wrong, no errors in the logs, etc.
same behavior happens with latest commit in master branch, and with the 1.0.3 tagged release
these are the modifications I referred to: