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Jul 2017
Jul 06 2017 00:47
clarification: I do see the query_task_tracker:<UUID> key in redis for my queries, just not the celery-task-meta-<UUID> key
and the query_task_trackers:waiting sorted set has entries for the query's UUID
so as far as I can tell, the query jobs are getting enqueued properly, but the worker isn't picking them up
but the worker is regularly logging successful executions of refresh_queries, refresh_schemas, cleanup_tasks, and cleanup_query_results tasks
Jul 06 2017 08:49
figured it out, pebcak
martin sarsale
Jul 06 2017 18:59
@ssandeep I think it's not in the open source version yet
@arikfr back with the queue problem, I use MySQL, BigQuery and Google Analytics sources.
@arikfr but I think the problem is more visible with MySQL