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Aug 2017
Aug 22 2017 01:28
Aug 22 2017 06:41
Hellu Guys , can you help me to setup and run the redash code on window server?
Neil Shah
Aug 22 2017 07:34
My queries usually get stuck in "Waiting" state until I restart my celery. This has been happening almost on a daily basis now and users are complaining a lot. I am on AMI Redash V 0.11.1+b2095 (Medium instance) . I do not see any error in redis or celery logs
I have also changed vm.overcommit_memory=1 as suggested in #1257 github issue
Could anybody please help me in resolving the issue? Where should I look into?
I have close to 700+ queries and 100+ Dashboards
I connect to Redshift Database
Darshan Marathe
Aug 22 2017 16:04
Where i can find repository to this
Aug 22 2017 20:02
is there a way to rotate a bar chart?
or to change the labels 45° rotation?