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Aug 2017
Aug 24 2017 05:58
Can table's column display in japanese?
column's header
datasource is bigquery
is here samebady who knows?
Hareesh M U
Aug 24 2017 06:10
How to set up redash working from a sub directory, instead the root of the domain" (Eg: I have tried with the nginx configuration but the css,js,etc. resources are failing to load as it is looking the files at the domain root)
Aug 24 2017 09:50
Hi everyone
I'm having a hard time trying to set up a default value for two parameters, start_date and end_date. I don't want it to be a given date, but a relative, such as current_date and current_date - INTERVAL 30 days, or similar.
is that anyhow possible?
otherwise my dashboard will load on the same given date and THEN I can change dates and reload, bit silly.
(and I know I can make the query with relative dates, the idea is to have that parameter filter for the whole dashboard)
thanks everyone before hand.
Aug 24 2017 10:10
@fpieront please help, i think you encounter same problem as me.