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Sep 2017
Sep 04 2017 05:26
@HenroRitchie thanks for the example, but I still can't make it display markers.. Here is an example query result
Giacomo Manna
Sep 04 2017 08:38
hi guys, i cannot find the api documentation anymore
where is it?
Sep 04 2017 10:34
@liri Is your datasource the csv file or are you getting it from somewhere else?
@liri would you be able/willing to share the query? you can send me a PM.
Sep 04 2017 10:45

@HenroRitchie i'm querying aws athena, the csv is an export of the query results.
I can't share the whole query but the important part is the select w casting:
SELECT time,
cast(substring(SPLIT(SPLIT(SPLIT(message,'"body"')[2],':')[6],'}')[1],1,2) || '.' || substring(SPLIT(SPLIT(SPLIT(message,'"body"')[2],':')[6],'}')[1],3) as DECIMAL(10,8)) as lat,
cast(substring(SPLIT(SPLIT(SPLIT(message,'"body"')[2],':')[8],'}')[1],1,2) || '.' || substring(SPLIT(SPLIT(SPLIT(message,'"body"')[2],':')[8],'}')[1],3) as DECIMAL(10,8)) as lon
FROM table

bottom line - the result columns data is the lat lon values i shared in the csv.
is that answers your question?

Sep 04 2017 10:47
Yes. I asked as I want to simulate the query my side using your results to assist with troubleshooting it.
Sep 04 2017 10:50
ok, i tried without the casting to decimal to match your example with strings values but still no markers on map
Sep 04 2017 12:50
Apparently the map visualization has some kind of cache cause after removing it from my query settings and re-added it - markers started to be shown on map!
@HenroRitchie - thank you so much for your help!