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Sep 2017
Sep 06 2017 06:03
@binoz Hi, I could not find them either. What info are you specifically looking for?
Giacomo Manna
Sep 06 2017 15:40
there was a document describing all the APIs, now it's gone
James Alday
Sep 06 2017 16:59
are there docs on how to install a dev build from source? i tried grabbing the source from github, but it hangs during npm run build, so i'm wondering if i'm missing something
Sep 06 2017 21:33
i recently installed a dev build on my virtualbox, it was after some tries that i got it xD
@JamesAlday one key tip: "(We recommend installing them in a virtualenv)" <-- that stuff for me was mandatory xDD.
Sep 06 2017 21:40
also: try to search the error you are getting from the NPM, i was missing postgre and some python packages you could be having the same issue