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Sep 2017
Sep 25 2017 11:02
Hi, as Amazon now require to change the Redshift JDBC driver ( ), how do I change the driver on Redash?
Sep 25 2017 16:28
I'm installing redash inside an LXC container with Ubuntu. I am having a hell of a time getting email setup.
how can I export the environment variables to be system wide? ive tried them directly in /opt/redash/.env but the processes wont start if they are added there
Sep 25 2017 17:03
think I got it.... yaya
Sep 25 2017 21:17
hi! is it possible to pass aditional parameters to a data source connetion?
i wanna reproduce something like hive.connect('host', configuration={'': 'myqueue'})
Sep 25 2017 22:25
Hi There! If I want to store the Metadata into an RDS PostgreSQL insstance, what are the changes do I need to do?