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Oct 2017
Oct 19 2017 11:17
Hi @vytla102_twitter , they have it in the documentation:

I don't see Athena in the data sources list after upgrading to v2.0.0

Make sure to install PyAthena:

sudo pip install PyAthena>=1.0.0

Atharva Inamdar
Oct 19 2017 13:30
@cheframzi_twitter just an idea but is Action=api_get and object_type=query what you are looking for? Maybe someone can confirm this.
Oct 19 2017 20:58
Hi @darwin67 have you installed your python module into the image ?
Question about changing the UI of the dashboard. Is it possible for us to change the UI of dashboards by editing the css files ? I have the redash image in gce. I tried to change the redash.css file and restarting the celeray and redash servers but i cant see any changes.
Oct 19 2017 21:04
basically i'm trying to change the color of the font of a counter card