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Nov 2017
Nov 07 2017 05:20
I am using Redash to connect to Hive data source
how can we write custom script in Redash for Hive datasource
I need to call a file.hql from redash only
any help regarding it @arikfr
Nov 07 2017 05:36
@arikfr Also i need to know that we can download the resultset from table but how to get the pivot table result downloaded as when I download the pivot table dataset then it downloads the resultset of the query not the result of pivot table
Arik Fraimovich
Nov 07 2017 11:01
@sonal1811 re. hive: I have no idea. I don't use Hive & Redash.
Re. pivot table: it's currently not available.
ranjan kumar
Nov 07 2017 12:29
@arikfr thanks
@arikfr i want to know then how to write custom script in redash