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Nov 2017
Nov 13 2017 10:38
good morning all
soo just noticed counter does not support date. Is there an alternative to show a date on a dashboard?
Arik Fraimovich
Nov 13 2017 10:41
@dncpax in v3 it will be possible to show strings in the counter viz.
Nov 13 2017 10:42
ok. been on the lookout for that v3 ;)
Nov 13 2017 20:22
Hi all - Excited to be here. I've just recently set up an on premise instance of Redash using one of the available AMIs and was able to create Datasources to our SQL Servers. Querying works perfectly but doing UPDATE/INSERT doesn't seem to work. I've raised this( earlier hoping someone could help if this is a limitation for SQL Server datasources or would require me to set it up further. Thanks for the help in advance.