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Nov 2017
@mbambion answered on Discourse.
The v3 beta is ready, for those of you who want to give it a spin: :rocket:
Sumit Maheshwari
Nov 14 2017 09:55
Hi folks, this is my first interaction with redash, and I am trying to build a new query_runner. I did the coding part a bit and now wanted to test it against my local docker env before raising a PR, but I an not able to push the local changes I did to the docker container.
I tried CPing new files to the container and restarted it, but still I can see that new py files weren’t compiled, and so not reflecting in UI
any help would be highly appreciated :)
Arik Fraimovich
Nov 14 2017 10:22
@msumit if you're using the provided docker-compose configuration, it already mounts your local directory into the container - so copying files is not needed. you do need to restart the celery worker after updating, as it doesn't update on code changes.
Sumit Maheshwari
Nov 14 2017 10:38
Thanks for reply @arikfr, however I am still not able to reflect my changes in app.. btw I am using production docker-compose, as the other one wasn’t working..
also I thought I need to restart server, correct? anyway I restarted both, still no luck. I can see the new file under redash/query_runners dir, but not the pyc counterpart
I had worked on apache Airflow and Superset earlier, which are also Flask apps, and I found very easy to develop and contribute on them cause they can run locally on my mac.. somehow getting hard time starting with redash :(
Sumit Maheshwari
Nov 14 2017 13:14
getting server_1 | IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/app/redash/../client/dist/index.html’ error when using docker-compose.yml file
Sumit Maheshwari
Nov 14 2017 13:42
figure out that I’d not done npm build before running in dev mode, so that IOError..
Nov 14 2017 14:08
@arikfr , upgraded to redash 3. Works perfectly so far! Is there an option make a user be able to execute only? I'd like him to not be able to write queries, but just to execute them.