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Apr 2018
Paulo Rosário
Apr 18 2018 11:49

Hi everyone, I've been trying out redash and I ran into a problem
When I try to add a new data source for an influxdb database I get the error: InfluxDB: no viable server!

I'm running redash with docker-compose with the image redash:latest (I also tried redash:4.0.0.b3948)
My influx instance is running locally on port 8086 and I'm using influxdb://<username>:<password>@localhost:8086/<database name> as url.

Did somebody run into this same issue? TIA

Apr 18 2018 22:53
Is Redash suitable for embedding in a saas app so end users can consume dashboards that filter to just their data?
without requiring a login to redash specifically?
We have a preferred dashboard solution at this stage, im just covering basis here
hrm, looks like you loose the ability to show filters on the dashboard getredash/redash#1732