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Apr 2018
Apr 23 2018 09:53

Hi @arikfr,
I've been trying to filter results of mongo query using object id timestamps like this

 {    "_id": {        "$gte": "ObjectId(\"5aa8f5e93b4275a51dd0f231\")"     }}

It yields empty result in redash.

 {    "_id": {        "$gte": ObjectId("5aa8f5e93b4275a51dd0f231")     }}

while this one works in 3t studio. I now about extra quotation marks, but without them I get 'unexpected O'
Is there a way to use Object Id in redash?

Viesturs ProŇ°kins
Apr 23 2018 15:46
Hey - launched AWS AMI to give a try to redash and now trying to figure out - am I able to query against JSON URI (which I have added as DataSource) or JSON payloads in response always has to be in particular structure already ?
Pointer to examples would be all I need
Viesturs ProŇ°kins
Apr 23 2018 16:11
Located query_runner/, not things are much more clear :)