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Apr 2018
Faouz EF
Apr 27 2018 09:19

Hi guys!

I have a weird issue while migrating from v0.12 to v4 with an RDS Postgres DB and local Redis.

There is a lock on the DB during the migration, it's getting stuck at those two queries:

UPDATE alembic_version SET version_num='6b5be7e0a0ef' WHERE alembic_version.version_num = '5ec5c84ba61e'


SELECT dashboards.updated_at AS dashboards_updated_at, dashboards.created_at AS dashboards_created_at, AS dashboards_id, dashboards.version AS dashboards_version, dashboards.org_id AS dashboards_org_id, dashboards.slug AS dashboards_slug, AS dashboards_name, dashboards.user_id AS dashboards_user_id, dashboards.layout AS dashboards_layout, dashboards.dashboard_filters_enabled AS dashboards_dashboard_filters_enabled, dashboards.is_archived AS dashboards_is_archived, dashboards.is_draft AS dashboards_is_draft 
FROM dashboards

Have you experienced something similar?
Thanks in advance!