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May 2018
Daniel Korzekwa
May 09 2018 14:08
hey, can someone answer to my questions above, we consider Redash for large scale analytics at Amazon, with no help from your side we will go for
Any reasons we should use redash instead? (also see my two questions above)
Arik Fraimovich
May 09 2018 15:29

@danielkorzekwa Redash and Dash are somewhat different and serve different needs. With Redash it's much easier to build things, but you have less control and with Dash it's the other way around :)

You can create parameters that get values from another query and some of the things you mentioned for dashboards are possible through text boxes (which support markdown). If you need high level fo customization for your dashboards, Dash might be a better option for you.

@cheframzi_twitter usually this will affect only that query, but in some cases it can cause other queries to die as well. see the discussion about switching to Celery v4 for this reason on github (which allows setting per task memory limits).