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Jun 2018
Faouz EF
Jun 12 2018 09:00

Well I figured it out, I post it here if somebody's facing the same problem:

  • In my experience we had a bottleneck on the producer side (our DW), I've increased the number of query slots on Redshift,
  • Decrease the parallelism per worker on Redash' supervisord.conf,
  • [Hack] Increase the worker UP time out in /opt/redash/current/redash/,
  • Monitor all the queues, and flush Redis when above 100.

It has been so flat since those changes max queue size = 6 instead of 100 two days before :)

Jun 12 2018 11:49
hey guys, is there any way to generate embedded urls with different parameters for say 100 different customers?
how do you guys go about something like this
Faouz EF
Jun 12 2018 13:04
Hi @TheScoobyBoy , you can create as many dashboards as the number of your different customers and then make them publicly available using the Share feature:
Otherwise you can embed on a viz level not a dashboard
hope it helps