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Jun 2018
Jun 18 2018 08:58
Hello All. Is it possible to get DataSet from MySQL Stored Procedure? I can get a one value (call mySP(@rez); select @rez ), but I need to pass dataset.
Aditya Kanekar
Jun 18 2018 14:44
Hello All, I used a bitnami image to create a redash instance. I changed the Multi_Org setting and set it to true. And after that it was accessible on /default route and I was able to login. Then I created a new organization using /admin/organization. After creating I got error Forbidden
Neither I could login to /test - organization i created, I got error 50/hour I fixed it but then I am getting 500
what am I missing? I am stuck on this for a long time, please help
Aditya Kanekar
Jun 18 2018 15:02
I am on version 4.0.1. Few other things I observed I had created one more user than the default user. The default user was deleted after above changes, also I couldn't see any groups either.