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Jun 2016
Gianluca Del Gobbo
Jun 09 2016 14:03
the week is ending...
Andreas Lappe
Jun 09 2016 14:05

Hey Gianluca,

we're very busy at the moment. Can we try to have the discussion asynchronously here, so you just write down your ideas/concerns and we'll answer them as soon as possible?

Gianluca Del Gobbo
Jun 09 2016 14:14
the most important is how is going in general the development
I think we was stucked at the mail/storage/encoding/upload
to complete the forms
So the most important is the amazon stuff
the event detail page is close the end we miss images management and galleries
Gianluca Del Gobbo
Jun 09 2016 14:19
next week we scould have an alpha version
what about the server?
why is not working?