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Repo info
  • Jan 15 2019 19:27

    sullis on master

    sbt-bintray 0.5.4 (compare)

  • Dec 07 2018 16:52

    sullis on master

    SBT "0.13.18", "1.2.7" (compare)

  • Dec 01 2018 17:40

    sullis on master

    sbt 1.2.7 (compare)

  • Nov 16 2018 19:15

    sullis on master

    sbt 1.2.6 (compare)

  • Nov 16 2018 19:14

    sullis on master

    sbt 1.2.1 -> 1.2.3 (compare)

  • Nov 14 2018 21:35
    emilesvt opened #50
  • Oct 24 2018 21:21
    tylerprete starred saksdirect/sbt-newrelic
  • Oct 11 2018 14:20
    sullis added as member
  • Oct 01 2018 00:23
    wendymock added as member
  • Oct 01 2018 00:23
    wendymock removed as member
  • Sep 19 2018 16:55
    epileptic-fish synchronize #49
  • Sep 17 2018 14:58
    umatrangolo review_requested #49
  • Sep 15 2018 02:35

    sullis on master

    sbt 1.2.3 (compare)

  • Sep 13 2018 15:57
    epileptic-fish opened #49
  • Sep 11 2018 17:02

    fiadliel on master

    Update README to mention latest… (compare)

  • Sep 11 2018 16:56

    fiadliel on v0.3.3


  • Sep 11 2018 16:54

    fiadliel on master

    Add sbt-gpg plugin for signing … (compare)

  • Sep 10 2018 14:56

    sullis on master

    sbt-native-packager 1.3.7 (compare)

  • Sep 10 2018 14:52

    sullis on master

    NewRelic agent 4.5.0 (compare)

  • Sep 09 2018 14:27
    afajem starred gilt/sbt-newrelic
Johan Mena
Or maybe I should just override that -javaagent option with a dummy path when starting the container?
Johan Mena
This doesn't seem to work I get "Error opening zip file or JAR manifest missing :
Error occurred during initialization of VM
agent library failed to init: instrument" :(
Johan Mena
-Dnewrelic.config.agent_enabled=false did the trick!
Willem Pienaar
Hey guys
Hope somebody can help me
For some reason my application is working with sbt universal:stage, but not working when building a fat jar with sbt assembly
Additionally, it also doesn't work with sbt run
What I mean by work is that it logs to new relic. When it doesn't "work", it still compiles and runs, but it just doesn't log.
Gary Coady
This package was written to work with sbt-native-packager - it hooks into its universal layout, and modifies the start script from it to add required flags. And it does not change anything in your development (sbt) world.
If you are not using sbt-native-packager, this is (at least currently) not the plugin you want.
Tom Adams
Are there any plans to update the plugin for sbt 1.0? Currently there's this outstanding PR that is preventing it working on sbt 1.0 gilt/sbt-newrelic#42 I've built a copy locally using that code & it runs in 1.0.
Hamza Zaidi
How to disable new relic for specific pages
is there a way to run javascript in the browser to disable new relic
Tom Adams
Maybe try new relic support?
Hey chat. Thanks for the great sbt-plugin. I'm having trouble determining high project in a multiproject layout to add the Newrelic plugin to. For Play 2.5 in multi-project mode, does the plugin only need to be activated for the Play app itself, or every module that the app might call (say, a library that makes callouts), or do you add it to the non-play root project? Thanks!
Typo: high -> which
Gregor Heine
Hi @NarNights_twitter you only need to enable the plugin for the play app, not for any libraries that are built as part of the same multi-module sbt project.
@gheine Thanks so much.
William Dónal Adams
hey guys, I've just opened a PR to add a setting to enable distributed tracing in NR. if anyone get's a chance to review I'd be grateful! thanks
actually looks like the travis build is failing due to missing bintray credentials
William Dónal Adams
hi guys, I'm wondering could anyone here advise on how to handle this bintray credentials issue that I'm seeing with my PR gilt/sbt-newrelic#49
I have the same issue locally as on the build server:
[error] java.lang.RuntimeException: Credentials file /home/travis/.bintray/.credentials does not exist
I've rebased my PR on master but still seeing the same thing. any help appreciated :)
Gary Coady
I’ll look at this later - sorry, I think I broke the build when moving from sbt-pgp to sbt-gpg
note you can enable for now with NEW_RELIC_DISTRIBUTED_TRACING_ENABLED environment variable or -Dnewrelic.config.distributed_tracing.enabled=true system property
William Dónal Adams
Thanks for that @fiadliel! Exactly, we've been doing that to get up and running but thought it would be useful in the plugin. Appreciate the help!

Hi everyone, I'm new to scala world, and I'm trying to integrate newrelic with sbt-newrelic, but even I added

addSbtPlugin("com.typesafe.sbt" % "sbt-native-packager" % "1.1.5")

addSbtPlugin("com.gilt.sbt" % "sbt-newrelic" % "0.1.16")

to plugin.sbt and


newrelicVersion := "4.2.0"

to build.sbt, the result of sbt clean stage have no newrelic folder under universal folder, dose I missing some configuration?

Anyone have any thoughts? please...
The issue I faced is very simular with saksdirect/sbt-newrelic#22, but we are using different version. I have tried sbt universal:stage, the result is the same, without newrelic folder. but i can find newrelic-agent.jar in cache folder

I have checked the mappings by using show mappings in sbt interactive terminal, there are no newrelic related mapping exsited. I also checked the source code of sbt-newrelic, i guess the sentence below is the mappings definition

mappings in Universal ++= Seq(
      newrelicAgent.value -> "newrelic/newrelic.jar",
      newrelicConfig.value -> "newrelic/newrelic.yml"

but show newrelicAgent.value raised an error, show newrelicConfig.value either.

Gary Coady
@ChenXiyu You have to check universal:mappingsmappings is different.
sbt stage does not use sbt-native-packager, you have to use sbt universal:stage
If universal:stage does not show newrelic, but does show your other files, it suggests that you have enabled the plugin for a different project
try project <my_project_name> in console, then plugins command.
Has anyone gotten sbt-newrelic to work with lagom? I'm not fluent in sbt and I'm not having any luck.
Hi everyone. I'm trying to get sbt-newrelic to work with my Scala Play Framework app, with sbt-native-packager and sbt-docker.
So far, I managed to build a docker image of my app that send data to Newrelic.
But when I tried running the same image in a container, on Kubernetes, somehow my application won't start.
It's really related to Newrelic since I tried removed NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY from my ENV so that Newrelic initialization would failed, and then my application would start as normal.
Anyone here have any ideas ? Thanks
Play: 2.8
sbt-native-packager: 1.7.5
sbt-docker: 1.8.0
sbt-newrelic: 0.3.3
holy **. I'm so stupid.
What happened is I don't give my app enough time to initialize app & newrelic, so Kubernetes would kill my pod
It's the readinessProbe.initialDelaySeconds things. I increased it and it works now.
Hi Everybody, what happened to the repo? I tried to access https://github.com/saksdirect/sbt-newrelic but gives page not found. Is the project abandoned?
Srikanth S

Hi Everyone, we are using newrelic in one of our apps. In Transactions dashboard, we're not getting the API endpoints. Instead getting the method names of those APIs. Like below:


Instead of the Controller method names, can we get the API endpoints with the Http Method type like below:

/api/users/{userId} (GET)
/api/health_check (GET)
/api/users/{userId} (POST)

I've seen these APIs in few of the new relic dashboards, but not able to find the relevant documentation to change the configurations. Can someone please help me out here?

Srikanth S
Have tried setting enable_auto_transaction_naming to true but din't help. Have gone through this documentation page but not of much use.