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Mar 2015
Javier Provecho Fernandez
Mar 23 2015 09:35
@sjlu happy you found your self
@sjlu please report any Documentation not available for any platform
Alexander Kluth
Mar 23 2015 11:18
Hello Fellas, just a quick question (I'm full of hope this is the right place to ask it) - is gin considered lightweight compared to e.g. revel?
Nick K
Mar 23 2015 12:38
@deralex: dunno about ravel, but gin was on the top of martini, negroni and some others on some benchmarks
Radu Topala
Mar 23 2015 21:30
guys, is there a way to use go-bindata-assetfs with router.Static?
Radu Topala
Mar 23 2015 21:50
.. found it ..