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Aug 2015
Aug 18 2015 10:29
@javierprovecho , @manucorporat , since you guys are understandably busy with uni, could you add some additional contributors to the gin project so it can still be maintained? I guess that a selection of two of the top contributors would fit.
Aug 18 2015 12:44
@ChristopherRabotin oh, is it necessary?
Aug 18 2015 15:25
@MOZGIII May be not for the Gin repo, but definitely for the Gin-Contrib repo. There are many open PRs, including one of mine, which was planned to be reviewed about two months ago, and still hasn't. =/
Not to mention that what made it to the gin-contrib repo doesn't always have tests, and the few tests there actually fail.
Pyry Avist
Aug 18 2015 18:16
@javierprovecho Thanks! Ended up doing exactly that! :+1:
Aug 18 2015 20:09
@ChristopherRabotin > @MOZGIII, also make sure to close the body as any io, unless you'll need it later of course
Sry, I meant is it necessary to close Request.Body in Gin... So, if I don't read it manually, it remains open (in general)?
I guess would be autoclosed by net/httppackage
Javier Provecho Fernandez
Aug 18 2015 21:45
@ChristopherRabotin I know how much time we have (@manucorporat and I) and I understand how interested you are to contribute directly, but please understand Gin is serious, used by many people and adding a person to the white list is a thing to be discussed between @manucorporat and me, and eventually you. Hope I have explained. 😉