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Nov 2015
Nov 05 2015 12:37
@tboerger , why not create a Group when defining the routes?
Thomas Boerger
Nov 05 2015 13:27
@ChristopherRabotin idk why i never tried that :D
Hilary Ho
Nov 05 2015 22:13
People, is there any full guide or tutorial on using Gin? I'm very new to web dev using Go, in need of an extensive guide.
Luis SSilvera
Nov 05 2015 22:15
@zuma89 you can use this , for me was very useful.
Hilary Ho
Nov 05 2015 22:19
The guide I need is as extensive as a full guide in build a working web app like an e-commerce system with DB and responsive front-end. Is there any book or link for such case?