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Nov 2015
Hilary Ho
Nov 06 2015 09:48

Hi people, I faced this problem when running the example

lubuntu@lubuntu-vm:~/Documents/ginexamples/realtime-advanced$ go run main.go
# command-line-arguments
./main.go:23: undefined: statsWorker 
./main.go:30: undefined: rateLimit
./main.go:33: undefined: index 
./main.go:34: undefined: roomGET 
./main.go:35: undefined: roomPOST 
./main.go:36: undefined: streamRoom

I've run the command go get but the problem still persist.

Hilary Ho
Nov 06 2015 19:51
Anyone here?
Hilary Ho
Nov 06 2015 19:58
I still cannot build the realtime-chat example provided in gin-gonic. Same problem still persist. Anyone can help me?