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Mar 2016
Nick K
Mar 01 2016 14:19
Hey, does anyone monitor/maintain the contrib?
Added a PR with some links in README, however I just noticed there's a ton of valid but open PRs.
Thomas Boerger
Mar 01 2016 14:32
how can i write nested routes? this seems to not working :(
      packs := api.Group("/packs")
        packs.GET("", controller.GetPacks)
        packs.GET("/:slug", controller.GetPack)
        packs.DELETE("/:slug", controller.DeletePack)
        packs.PATCH("/:slug", controller.PatchPack)
        packs.POST("", controller.PostPack)

        builds := packs.Group("/:pack_slug/builds")
          builds.GET("", controller.GetBuilds)
          builds.GET("/:slug", controller.GetBuild)
          builds.DELETE("/:slug", controller.DeleteBuild)
          builds.PATCH("/:slug", controller.PatchBuild)
          builds.POST("", controller.PostBuild)