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Apr 2016
Bo-Yi Wu
Apr 09 2016 02:06
@otraore I suggest you can ping the author on github issue gin-gonic/gin#498
Ousmane Traore
Apr 09 2016 03:39
tried :p
Javier Provecho Fernandez
Apr 09 2016 09:13
@otraore hey, there is no news on that yet. It should be simple to make a version of Gin just swapping net/http for fasthttp, but as we said earlier, we want to go further and create a pluggable interface.
@otraore that is not possible without breaking the api of gin v1, so we'll do that in gin v2
@otraore let me try this weekend in my spare time to create a test branch with fasthttp,
CC @appleboy
Ousmane Traore
Apr 09 2016 13:46
Thank you @javierprovecho that's great news!