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Apr 2016
Thomas Boerger
Apr 12 2016 06:11
@bradrydzewski than I can switch to it now as well :F
Nick Gerakines
Apr 12 2016 12:55
Hi everyone. I've been working on a small side project using revel, but I started to look around and the project doesn't seem very active (its dead jim). I'd like to restructure and port my app over to using gin, but was wondering if there are any resources that give pointers or tips on how to do that.
Ousmane Traore
Apr 12 2016 13:06
@ngerakines If you want I can help you with the conversion if you let me/us see the source.
Also what type of app is it? traditional web app? API?
Nick Gerakines
Apr 12 2016 14:28
It is a fairly simple web app with a queue worker. Actions on the web app result in events published into a queue which the worker pops off and processes.