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Apr 2016
Hasit Mistry
Apr 24 2016 00:17
I wrote the #600 issue. It’d be great if a community member helped a bit.
Thomas Boerger
Apr 24 2016 06:00
@hasit you should simply use go templating for building the list, than this would not happen
Go templates also support those loops
Jan Baer
Apr 24 2016 09:43
Hello, I've a short question about gin-gonic. I want to use it as a proxy to another rest api. That means every request should redirected to the other api and the answer send back directly to the client. How can I send the body from the response of the other webapi to the client that asked my api?
Matthias Loibl
Apr 24 2016 10:22
@janbaer Do you really need gin for that?
Thomas Boerger
Apr 24 2016 10:38
@MetalMatze I just wanted to send this link as well :D
Jan Baer
Apr 24 2016 14:17
@MetalMatze You're right, I'm new with Go and I thought that a library like gin would be helpful. But in the last hours I just taken a look deeper in the standard http package and it seems that it provides everything I need for that...
Ousmane Traore
Apr 24 2016 14:57
Tbh I don’t event hink you need go for that, nginx will do the job just fine
We currently use a nginx reverse proxy to communicate with our go backend