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Jun 2016
Rikaard Hosein
Jun 03 2016 22:58
Hey guys. Is there some well known auth/login middleware that you guys usually use with Gin?
Ousmane Traore
Jun 03 2016 22:59
I personally use jwt with a auth middleware
Is this an API or a traditional web app?
Rikaard Hosein
Jun 03 2016 22:59
I guess I need to look into this jwt stuff
Ryan Brooks
Jun 03 2016 23:01
JWTs are definitely the way to go
That last link, I don’t personally import it since it’s small amount of code
I added it to my project and modified it to my needs
It’s just one function
Rikaard Hosein
Jun 03 2016 23:14
Thanks guys :) I'll probably go with this