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Jun 2016
Tasos Soukoulis
Jun 24 2016 12:43
Hi there, I'm building an spa app with gin and mithril (frontend) but every time I change the route it refreshes the page, how I could stop that?
This is what it says in the mithril docs related to routing:

pathname mode allows routing URLs that contains no special characters, however this mode requires server-side setup in order to support bookmarking and page refreshes. It always causes page refreshes in IE8.

Example URL: http://server/path/to/page

The simplest server-side setup possible to support pathname mode is to serve the same content regardless of what URL is requested. In Apache, this URL rewriting can be achieved using ModRewrite.

Note that in order to use the pathname mode, the application must be run from the root URL.

Tasos Soukoulis
Jun 24 2016 13:02
Solved: The problem was on the client side, I had to add {config: m.route} on the links!