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Aug 2016
Aug 24 2016 10:43
hi, I am a newbie. where can I find the documentation of gin? I checked github and website. I can not find the documentation. thanks.
That was enough documentation for me to start
Aug 24 2016 11:07
@ptdave20 thanks for your reply, but it is just a readme to a newbie like me. I am looking for something like OR any books or tutorials about gin? thanks.
David Marchbanks
Aug 24 2016 11:11
@sgon00 I'm not aware of any books, but another way is to look at middle ware code to see some of its ability and functions
Aug 24 2016 11:14
@ptdave20 that's kinda too much for me... maybe I will check beego or iris. they have better docs. thanks a lot for your help.