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Jul 2017
Thomas Boerger
Jul 24 2017 10:32
There are no docs for that, you can write any kind of middleware for that
Mark Richman
Jul 24 2017 11:07
Well then maybe an example?
Javier Provecho Fernandez
Jul 24 2017 14:59
@mrichman if you want a quick implementation, I suggest rangelreale/osin and marinates/goth
Osin does implement an oauth 2 server
Goth will let you implement 3rd party logins with that auth provider
Mark Richman
Jul 24 2017 17:11
@javierprovecho thanks goth looks like a good starting point
Jul 24 2017 17:54
I'm currently implementing a email/password authentication for gin
Need to do testings before releasing it
Jul 24 2017 21:12
What would be better to use, request context or c.Keys for storing values