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Dec 2018
Vincent Guo
Dec 04 2018 13:34 UTC
@aboeglin this is what you need
Dec 04 2018 13:35 UTC
Can someone introduce a better free IDE of golang?
Vincent Guo
Dec 04 2018 13:37 UTC
vscode ? debug not working for me now.
better than sublime and atom I think
or you like the big one. goland?
David Marchbanks
Dec 04 2018 13:56 UTC
Jetbrains has some deals that will for open source / students to get free products like Goland. Honestly vscode and goland are the best i've used.
Dan Conrad
Dec 04 2018 17:45 UTC
Hey folks! Using GO111MODULE=on go build ./... on a project that had gin in the imports will download v1.3.0, which is well behind master (I'd like to use some of the latest functionality from recent PRs). Is there a planned upcoming release?
I'm aware I can go get, but I was just curious about the release.