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Oct 2016
Paul Tunison
Oct 12 2016 00:19
Just went though a previously successful ansible build involving girder. Girder npm install (girder-install web) is now failing, something about webpack not satisfying its siblings' peer-dependencies? I'm not used to this npm things yet...
Paul Tunison
Oct 12 2016 00:25
nvm, I just noticed the v2.0 thing on master.
Zach Mullen
Oct 12 2016 12:33
@Purg you may need to upgrade to the latest npm by running npm install -g npm
if that still fails, try rm -rf node_modules and try again
that peer dependency issue is a warning in modern versions of npm, but it used to be an error
(it should be a warning)
Kacper Kowalik
Oct 12 2016 19:44
anything else I could do about #1544 or #1464 </shameless review solicitation>