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Oct 2018
Luís Costa
Oct 10 2018 15:09
Hello, I'm trying to develop a plugin for Girder, but I'm facing some issues.
1) To develop the plugin, I cloned the Girder repository and created a new folder in the plugin directory. Is this the best approach or there is any other way where I don't need the Girder folder in my project?
2) I already created my plugin folder with a main.js file in it but when I run girder servemy plugin does not appear. Do I need to do something else?
Zach Mullen
Oct 10 2018 16:52
@luistelmocosta if you're on the master branch of girder, that no longer is the way to develop plugins. To do it that way, check out the 2.x-maintenance branch. In Girder 3, we will be installing plugins as pip packages rather than simple directories.
David Manthey
Oct 10 2018 17:01
@Abroxa We've had similar requests. There is a provisional branch called disable-public-access-plugin. This adds a plugin to Girder 2.x that, when enabled, makes most routes non-public and also makes the users mostly unlistable except to admins.
The part that prevents users from discovering each other probably isn't pertinent to your use (you could remove the restrictUserListings remove to disable that).
David Manthey
Oct 10 2018 17:07
If you are trying to this to just change one accessControlledModel, you could override the hasAccess and permissionClauses methods to change access behavior.