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Oct 2015
Naoki Takezoe
Oct 18 2015 02:08
@alsma We don't have such documentation.
Basically, we give priority to take GitHub features and specifications. So sometimes, we reject feature requests which are not according to GitHub behavior. Since GitBucket has flexible plug-in system, we recommend to implement them as plug-in.
For example, currently, GitBucket has LDAP integration. But we might separate it as a plug-in in the future.
We will add these things to readme or contribution guideline. Thanks.
Alexander Smaga
Oct 18 2015 12:46
@takezoe I see, thank you. So is it applicable to functionality only or you wanna to look and feel like github as well ?
Oct 18 2015 18:30
@takezoe curious why is that your priority?
Naoki Takezoe
Oct 18 2015 22:08
@alsma Look and feel like GitHub as much as possible.
@nafg Our first concept of GitBucket was "Easy installable GitHub clone". This is identity of GitBucket.
Naoki Takezoe
Oct 18 2015 22:19
In addition, we want to keep GitBucket core as small as possible because we don't have enough resource to maintain large application. So we added plugin system to be extendable by users.