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Oct 2015
Oct 19 2015 00:09
Yes, plugin system is great idea
But can it enable features like gitlab? Like require X approvals for pull request?
Also is there concern of legal issues? For example I was wondering why gitlab calls it merge request instead of pull request
Philippe O. Wagner
Oct 19 2015 20:52
Hi all, just installed GitBucket on a DigitalOcean droplet. Config, Setup, .. was really easy. Docs are okay.... Thanks all for this piece of software - works like a charm.
One thing we really miss and looking for is the ability to create repository automatically (using the API in the best case). We are currently using Bitbucket and it's REST API as part of an automated setup for our projects and apps and would like to switch completely to our own GitBucket instance but this feature is missing. Is this correct as documented here ?
Is there a hack/plugin/workaround to create repos? Is this feature planned if not available?
Naoki Takezoe
Oct 19 2015 23:21
@nafg GitBucket is not enough as GitHub clone yet, so our first priority is following GitHub features and changes.
I can't mention about legal issue clearly. If it has a problem, we will address it.
Naoki Takezoe
Oct 19 2015 23:29
@philippeowagner GitBucket does not have API to create repository. We would like to enhance Web APIs for automation, but we can't make it soon.
Maybe you can make it by some automation tools such as Selenium, or you can add such API as plugin, Of course.