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Oct 2015
Oct 27 2015 03:54

I get the following error when trying to merge a pull request. The commit '8a6172cad2d979ae457479297cfd4c6ac5564059' appears in the commit tab. Any ideas about the reason for this?

org.eclipse.jgit.errors.MissingObjectException: Missing commit 8a6172cad2d979ae457479297cfd4c6ac5564059

Naoki Takezoe
Oct 27 2015 04:37
@rougou Any additional information? I'm not an esper...
Oct 27 2015 05:45
@takezoe Sorry, I'll tell instead of @rougou in gitbucket_ja room.
Tobias Roeser
Oct 27 2015 09:49
Hi, something is strange with my 3.7 install. I can't add new member to a group. It let me add the user, but later the new user is not part of the group.
Also, no output from the java process, esp. no error message or exception.
Tobias Roeser
Oct 27 2015 10:36
Ok, for some reason, no member of the group was a manager. I changed this by editing the database.