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Dec 2015
Serhat Durmaz
Dec 07 2015 09:53
hi @takezoe, we can not search a member with full name. I think, this feature would be nice.
Naoki Takezoe
Dec 07 2015 14:48
@semudu Thanks for your request. I would like to know more details. Where do you need such feature?
Serhat Durmaz
Dec 07 2015 17:41
@takezoe I need it when adding a member to groups.
David McClain
Dec 07 2015 19:40
@takezoe or anyone, I'm sure I'm missing it somewhere.. but how do I add a new user. For reference, I'm on an older version - 2.8, but will likely be upgrading soon.
Sorry.. sorry.. I'm just a noob. Disregard previous quest.
@takezoe however, for upgrading from 2.8 to 3.8 or 3.9, are there any special considerations I need to make for such a jump? Or should it be as easy as replacing the WAR?