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Jan 2018
Naoki Takezoe
Jan 19 2018 03:07
@tundratim There is no easy way. It need to modify GitBucket itself.
Tim Daneliuk
Jan 19 2018 14:31
@takezoe Would you consider a feature enhancement that would display both login name and real name if they both exist?
Nick Richardson
Jan 19 2018 14:35
@tundratim An option to choose what to display would probably be better
Tim Daneliuk
Jan 19 2018 16:48
@reap3r119 So long as it has two properties: 1) Select either or both for display, 2) It's smart about what to do when the "real" username is not present ... but generally, I agree.
Jan 19 2018 17:26
I think that it is better to display both full name and login name. Because we can't remember all user's login<=>fullname mapping.
How about with a display like this? "鴻池 祐輔" is fullname of user "kounoike", "test user" is user "user".
Jan 19 2018 17:32