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Jan 2018
Hidetake Iwata
Jan 22 2018 05:35
Hi, I am working on adding the OpenID Connect authentication feature to GitBucket. I need to add a new table in order to associate an external user (that is the subject claim in the ID token) and a GitBucket user. Would you tell me how to add a new table? It seems create a XML file for schema updating and a model class, but is that correct?
Here is my WIP code: int128/gitbucket#1
Greg Staniak
Jan 22 2018 11:10
Hi, is anyone aware of desktop git clients (GUI) that support GitBucket accounts? I have used SourceTree before, but I think it only supports Bitbucket/Bitbucket Server and GitHub. What I'm interested in is easy browsing of repos on the GitBucket server, it would make life easier for my team. Thanks!
Yan Su
Jan 22 2018 13:56
@gstaniak gitbucket exposes github apis, so there's a chance that SourceTree could work if it supports github enterprise.
@gstaniak nah, it's not supported
Josh Curtiss
Jan 22 2018 15:27
@gstaniak @yaroot Yeah we use SourceTree for all our work with GB but we configure just one repo at a time as normal Git repos. I'd be interested in a GitHub enterprise desktop tool that works with GB as well.
Greg Staniak
Jan 22 2018 16:44
@yaroot @joshuacurtiss Thanks for the info guys. I suspect it wouldn't be difficult to add support for GB to SourceTree -- since GB clones GitHub APIs, all Atlassian would need to do is basically allow a choice of server to connect to. Of course we can clone repos as needed, but GB account support would make life still a bit easier. I don't know if this is in Atlassian's interest, but I'll try to raise this with them. Thanks again.
Matthieu Brouillard
Jan 22 2018 17:04
@gstaniak @joshuacurtiss I doubt it is that much a target for Atlassian to support github enterprise since they deliver their own offer : stash/bitbucket depending on the naming you give to it
Greg Staniak
Jan 22 2018 17:40
@McFoggy : Yeah, hence my caveat. Not holding my breath, but I upvoted the issue (