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    Alexander Mangel
    @matrixbot / chevdor and thanks :-D
    chevdor Hmm right now me neither but I did this morning, I should have a screenshot...
    Alexander Mangel
    @matrixbot :+1:
    chevdor about ?
    Alexander Mangel
    Why it'd show it's a kraken account, was it showing a logo?
    chevdor It was showing the icon of a smart contract and the name Kraken next to it if I recall. I did not stare very long though
    Alexander Mangel
    Alright, the canary.ethtective.com version allows you to edit Metadata, so I know there's this Kraken address which has a logo: https://canary.ethtective.com/0x267be1c1d684f78cb4f6a176c4911b741e4ffdc0&
    canary has an edit button which takes you here: https://cafe.ethtective.com/edit/0x267be1c1d684f78cb4f6a176c4911b741e4ffdc0
    chevdor I did not edit anything, maybe someone did in between
    Shubham Jain
    how exactly do we test ....does it costs our gas?
    Łukasz Grynasz
    HI , i have created an issue on https://gitcoin.co/issue/PwayGames/PWay.Contracts/1/1678 recently, and i type wrong tags , can I change it ?
    Hi there @owocki @vs77bb are you aware of any multi-seg wallets which can be used to fund gitcoin bounties? I'm looking at running a project whereby myself and a co-founder have to confirm bounties by both signing a tx from multiseg. I tried Gnosis wallet using ABI and calling the issueAndActivateBounty() function, but there has to be a better way.
    Augusto Lemble
    I just created this issue with what I suppose is a bug. gitcoinco/web#2840
    Arve Knudsen
    GitCoin can’t connect to MetaMask, claims permission was rejected
    How do I grant GitCoin permission to connect to MetaMask? Can’t see it anywhere
    Muhammad Usman
    @aknuds1 You need to click on connect to metamask
    Then you will get a popup and approve there.
    Arve Knudsen
    @usmanmuhd Thanks, I got rid of the problem by upgrading MetaMask
    Muhammad Usman
    Ali Hassan
    updgrade metamask?
    hi all. I was looking to try to help with an issue for gitco. Can someone point me on where i can find the code for gitcoin.co/cms? reference: gitcoinco/web#3447 (sorry if this is the wrong place to ask)
    Ivaylo Kirilov
    Hey - can someone checkout web3j/web3j#368 - the bot did not kick the idle contributor
    Matthew Gould
    hey guys, funded a bounty, how do I approve? Getting this error:
    Hey, when do requests for eth from the faucet get approved?
    Mark O'Sullivan
    Is it possible to raise a bounty / funds for hackathon prizes?
    Emin Mahrt
    Hey all got a question - 1. Can I set up a bounty for answering a stackoverflow question??? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56087853/how-do-i-return-a-json-file-from-s3-to-a-specific-url-but-only-that-url
    2 . if so - whats the best way to set it up
    This gitcoin bounty above ^ was a little different
    I asked for people to help me on a stackoverflow question.... two people replied and its in contest mode
    One person who replied first gave me all this stuff to do.... the second person replied and theirs was MUCH better
    It actually is solved due to the second person - how do i decide who deserves the reward?
    The first person to answer with all this work done - or the second person who has the best way, with almost no work needed????
    (I feel bad for the first guy.... he did so much)
    @frozeman any thoughts?
    Great thanks for the advie
    Kevin Owocki

    Its really up to you. In practice, I usually upfront tell people that I'll reward someone a first place reward and reward a second or third place.

    If you haven't done that upfront, then I guess you could decide whether you want to split the reward or you want to just pay 100% to the first place person.

    I don't like to burn bridges, so I usually pay out people who put in some level of effort a least a little.

    Well shoot. This was my first grant and you guys didn't reply in time.... so I sent it all to the guy who's answer I used.
    But thanks for the reply and next time i'll split it up among the people.
    Ethereum Revolutions
    I need help
    Anish Agnihotri
    Hey @EthereumRevolu1_gitlab, our Slack (gitcoincommunity.slack.com) is more active and usually a better place to ask questions, but let's see if I can help out here.
    How can I help?
    Y'z Portfolio(Yasuko Tamura)
    I have joined "Breaking News: Reinventing the Online News Economy" two days ago. Do I have to submission job progress every three days? When I try to submit it, Fauset form appeared. Do I have to buy tokens or Ether?