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Jan 2016
Niko Nevala
Jan 14 2016 14:55
I've gotten to a pretty nice place with the console app
it can interactively set up some stuff for the user and simplify the setup process hopefully quite a bit
what it can't do, however, is create github users, the api tokens or github organisations, so those are still left for the user
I now think it would be a good idea to output the user specific cloud-config.yml file straight out of the console app
I'll PR a small stylistical change to the sample file.. namely changing the <production.json url> placeholder to something like <config-url>
and I'll read the template file programmatically and do the replacement for the user
Niko Nevala
Jan 14 2016 15:05
looks like core builds have been failing for quite some time
Patrick Heneise
Jan 14 2016 15:10
sounds cool
org/apikey/user you could ask the user interactively ... "please got to this url and create a new org ..."
and then enter the name
Niko Nevala
Jan 14 2016 15:45
it does