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Olle Jonsson
This is what I'm working on tonight.
Olle Jonsson
Now, a new version 1.13.2 is out.
That made room for the OctoKit changes, which are now merged to master.
i want to integrate the generator to my project
i have an open source that uses travis for CI
is it possible to run the generator as part of maven release?
i am working on this project https://github.com/scalecube
Olle Jonsson
Preparing to make a new release. Cleaning house of small chores. The Windows-friendly bundled pem SSL thing got merged tonight. Full rubocop pass.
I guess we will go for 1.15.0 when our "QA" has passed.
Petr Korolev
Maxime Lafarie
Hi there !
Is that possible to generate the Changelog directly from TravisCI ?
Tom Burrows
I’ve just edited the wiki page: https://github.com/github-changelog-generator/github-changelog-generator/wiki/Advanced-change-log-generation-examples to separate all the options related to sections down to the bottom
Also, a +1 for #316
Petr Korolev
@maximelafarie you can run it on travis, but have no idea, how to catch output then.
@tburrows13 quitea a late reply, but thnak you, Tom! :+1:
@tburrows13 got in mind. it's would be really must have feature
Nicholas St. Germain
hey! it looks like --since-tag doesnt work on pre-release tags. is that the case?
Petr Korolev
@DirtyCajunRice hi, can you show the whole command that you are using?
Umberto Nicoletti
@olleolleolle I was surprised to see CI still failing after my PR you just merged, as naive as ths might sound, it was working on my machine :p
anything I can do to help there?
Olle Jonsson
@unicolet I believe the issue is that when the GitHub Org was created, the CI services were not updated in the Settings for the repository.
Olle Jonsson
I fixed the CircleCI build, now.
(Dropping the TravisCI configuration, since it is not hooked up, and we can't maintain more than one regular CI.)
Olle Jonsson
There's only me here, right now, so I'll quietly merge in that issue.
Olle Jonsson
CI detail: RuboCop is now run ONCE, by the latest Ruby (this is fastest). github-changelog-generator/github-changelog-generator#705
Olle Jonsson
Also: I dropped unconfigured broken badge images about CodeClimate. Easy to set up if someone with access has the energy.
Petr Korolev
Doyle Rowland
I just wanted to stop in and say thanks for this tool! By far the easiest to use and gives me what I was looking for in a change log.
Marwan Rabbâa
Hi, I'm maintaining a OSS benchmark => https://github.com/the-benchmarker/web-frameworks
I think github_changelog_generator could help me a lot on changelog generation (because changelog are huge to generate).
I'd be glad to help maintaining this project
Hello, I would like to ask about release process. What are the rules for creating new release? I see there are some new commits in master, but not released yet.
Stefan Appelhoff

Hi there,

thanks for the nice package! I have a user problem/question:

I was upgrading github-changelog-generator from version 1.14.3 to 1.15.2 recently and due to github-changelog-generator/github-changelog-generator#621 a warning about --since-tag has now become an error (which is good / fine).


Warning: can't find tag 1.1.1, specified with --since-tag option.


Error: can't find tag 1.1.1, specified with --since-tag option.

What's puzzling is that I do not specify the --since-tag parameter. And the documentation does not show a default parameter for --since-tag.

How can I return to the old behavior that --since-tag is ignored and the full changelog is generated?

this is my command:

github_changelog_generator --user bids-standard --project bids-specification --token ${CHANGE_TOKEN} --output ~/build/CHANGES.md --base ~/build/src/pregh-changes.md --header-label "# Changelog" --no-issues --no-issues-wo-labels --no-filter-by-milestone --no-compare-link --pr-label "" --release-branch master

this is the PR where the issue was discovered: https://github.com/bids-standard/bids-specification/pull/594#issuecomment-688709082

I could imagine that this comes from the --base ~/build/src/pregh-changes.md part of the command that I specify, because my pregh-changes.md file starts with ## 1.1.1 .... ... and (not?) coincidentally the error of the changelog generator also references tag 1.1.1 ...

Stefan Appelhoff
okay, after some digging it turns out that my suspicion is true -> the --base option triggers an automatic setting of --since-tag based on the file passed to --base. Evidence: https://github.com/github-changelog-generator/github-changelog-generator/pull/258/files
Stefan Appelhoff
I think this issue could be reasonably solved by allowed to explicitly set --since-tag to some "None" or "Null" value ... and thus preventing an automatic overriding of it if --base is specified. I will perhaps open an issue on this and look into filing a PR.
3 replies
Petr Korolev

@sappelhoff hey, yes, it's broken in the latest release.

Important update:
All our contributors is really overloaded with our main projects.

But I'm willing to pay and support if someone can help to handle this repo. Please send me message if anyone interested in this! Cheers!

cc github-changelog-generator/github-changelog-generator#727

Alencar Mendes de Oliveira
Is it possible to use this tool to generate changelog for gitlab repository ?
Taylor B.
Just wanted to stop by and thank y'all for the great program
Martin Kysel
hey folks! I was hoping someone can help me out. We have a process when we release a new version in which we always create a release branch and hand it over to QA for testing. Release engineering generates a release from that branch. Hence the release tag in github will be off a release branch. This seems to be troublesome for the tool. It seems that the tool can't really figure out when the cutoff was and combines all changes into the newest release. It does detect the tags and does create the corresponding headers in the CHANGELOG but it does not associate them with any of the PRs/issues that were fixed in that timeline. This used to work perfectly when we were releasing from master, but we had to change our strategy. Is there a config I can mock with to enable this?
Hi everyone, i'm new to all of this.
Hi have a project with Quarkus, does anybody know how to generate automatically the changelog with github?
Hello, I was wondering if this can be used to generate a changelog between two hashes. My projects don't use tags
between two branches would work as well
hey all
just a quick question about this - I use teamcity for my CI, presumably I can just run this tool from teamcity to make changelogs?
Ryan Wang
Hi guys,
It seems that it doesn't work well when I squash and merge? changelog-generator can't find the relationship between the squash and merged commit and original PR? Do you have any ideas?
Benjohn Barnes

Hello. I'm following through the README and I've just tried the line github_changelog_generator -u github_project_namespace -p github_project with a wild guess at using my user name and the project name. I get a verbose output error, but the main issue seems to be:

`ip': getaddrinfo: nodename nor servname provided, or not known (Faraday::ConnectionFailed)

I've only guessed at what github_project_namespace and github_project should be here, is there a way I can find the appropriate values? Could I please have some help fixing this, or are there more detailed instructions I could work from? Thank you.