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Repo info
curl: (56) OpenSSL SSL_read: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, errno 104
how to solve this error
I am new to git hub so do any edits I make to the source code on my pi get removed when I pull updates from git-hub?
If you have local changes, pulling will warn you about that and it won't pull. If you have commited your changes, pulling will merge the changes from github with your local changes (this may or may not produce working code). It also might fail to merge automatically and it will ask you to solve the conflicting changes.
What's important is that pulling will never delete your local changes without telling you.
Can someone help me with git lfs smudge?
I can't figure out how to use it
On Windows I get "Cannot read from STDIN. This command should be run by the Git 'smudge' filter", on Linux, the command line just hangs
I want to use it in a project
ok i fugred it out
i had to redirect the whole file into it
Hey guys. Do you guys have the preferred way to use git lfs with jenkins in scripted pipeline? I'm using GitLFSPull for scm checkout, but it doesn't really download the 90 MB of files.
Francis West
my project has grown, i was thinking about rebasing because my game assets are getting too big
Hey, a bit confused about setup needed for LFS. Is this correct: running git lfs install in any folder installs some needed settings to global gitconfig file. In addition to that repository needs to have git hooks for post-checkout, post-commit, post-merge and pre-push? And these are usually installed automatically while performing LFS operations on the repository? But if my repository already has custom hooks, i need to manually install these there? Or is some part of the setup obsolete/incorrect?
Pankaj Jain
hello friends
i am developing this free website for people
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Mateusz Łoskot
@pankajpj07 Stop spamming
Balin I need to migrate data from one institutional git provider to another. My repos include lfs'ed files. Does a git clone <PROJECT_URL> && cd <PROJECT_DIR> && git lfs install --local && git lfs pull workflow prior to changing the origin remote and pushing again retrieve ALL lfs history or just the current versions?
Mateusz Łoskot
git lfs fetch origin --all
You don't need to change origin, just add new remote
and then you can git lfs push --all newremote as per https://github.com/git-lfs/git-lfs/issues/516#issuecomment-140002103
Once you are happy with the migration, update origin in local repo(s)
Balin Mateusz Łoskot (Gitter): Terrific. Thank you so much for your help ... got hit by the fact that the importer of the new institutional product migrates the lfs stubs, but not the underlying data, while happily recognizing the stub and telling you the file is lfsed ... with a non-exisiting pointer ... LOVELY.
Balin This also helps in this context: git remote rename origin old-origin
Mateusz Łoskot
Balin Here's what I do now:
Balin 1) git clone GITHUB_REPO
2) cd REPO_DIR && git lfs install --local
3) git lfs fetch origin --all
4) git lfs pull
5) git remote rename origin old-origin
6) git remote add origin git@<NEW_URL>:<NEW_REPO>.git
7) git push -u origin --all
8) git push -u origin --tags
Balin Reads about right?
Mateusz Łoskot
I think so
Amit Prasad
What is the disadvantage of multiple repo
for single project
@all did any one impelemented github scanner(To scan scerets or credentials if we commit bymistake to github it has scan)
for more info https://github.com/dxa4481/truffleHog
Can anyone help me setup this ?
hello people
Mahdad Baghani
Hi there. I want to clone a large repo using git lfs, but my windows parition does not have enough space and unfortunaltely, that is the tempDir of git lfs. I wanted to know if there is a way to change the tempDir which is shown in the output of command "git lfs env"
Mahdad Baghani
I finally figured out how to change the tempDir. this may be useful to others so I'm posting it here:
git config --global lfs.tempdir "some directory"

I installed everyting properly.

  1. Added a test.jpg file in root (it is tracked)
  2. Running git lfs status shows that file to be committedcategory
  3. After I commit test.jpg
  4. Running git lfs status does not show that file in to be pushed category

What am I doing wrong ?

That hooks are all updated using git lfs update
John Skoteiniotis
Hi, how can I config git to pull lfs files with git clone? I'm trying to write a backup script which works fine but all the cloned repos don't have the lfs files. For some reason my laptop is doing what I want but my server doesn't behave the same :(
Mateusz Łoskot
@j0hnskot after installing Git LFS, You should be ready to go, no additional configs should be needed and git clone just pulls all LFS
Bas Nijholt
This message was deleted
hello - i have an issue where i'm trying to push to a new repo, but git lfs is giving me 'unable to find source for object'
i do not have access to the original repo, how can i remove these files?
so all i have is the files in their current state
Mateusz Łoskot
@geraldolsribeiro your case seems similar to this, git-lfs/git-lfs#3923, there are pieces of good advice in comments
Amit Prasad
Hi All
I have a problem of using the data and form the response in case class
lets say i have Seq[CaseA(uuid, data)] and Seq[CaseB(uuid,Data1,Data2)] and Seq[CaseC(uuid,Datax,Datay)]
I want to form the reponse from all based on common UUID
Any help will be appreciated.
git lfs fetch
fetch: Fetching reference refs/heads/master
batch response: Authentication required: Unable to parse HTTP response for POST : ../.. invalid character '\n' in string literal
error: failed to fetch some objects from ...
any pointers on the solution?